The Shri Mandir as we know it today has a rich history dating back to 1994. What you see now is the culmination of countless hours of work from countless volunteers. While the Mandir is contuniing to grow, it is important to reflect upon some of the key points of its history and what has brought it to this stage.

The concept of a Mandir was originally conceived in early 1994 and the idea was to establish a single place of worship but embrace the diversity of our religion by having various groups donate ‘murthis’. This basic concept was further strengthened by Harki Parikh, who offered the space rent-free for two full years. The Mandir had a solid vision, and now needed volunteers who help make it a reality

A committee was formed to discuss the constitution, by-laws, and operational procedures of the Mandir. This committee consisted of two core groups: the Trustee Committee, which started with Harki Parikh, Tej Agrawal, and Rohit Saraiya, and would later see many more people added, and the Executive Committee, which was comprised of dedicated volunteers from the San Diego community. Alex Jain was appointed President of the Executive Committee. The Mandir now had a group of local volunteers who shared the same vision, and needed priests to perform the ceremonies